Sponsors / Investors

The Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex (formerly The Carolina Amphitheater) is an outdoor amphitheater style venue located on a picturesque 250 acre piece of festival ready land on South Highway 501 in Marion, SC. With a capacity for 27,000 attendees, a designated area for both primitive tent camping and RV parking, on-site food and retail vending, and the future home of the World’s Longest Bar, we expect to quickly become the top entertainment venue in the Southeast.

Musical acts, bike festivals, fund-raisers and many other events are to take place at the Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex and will attract a wide variety of attendees over the course of events. Conveniently located on Highway 501, we have the unique opportunity to attract the attention of consumers both heading to and leaving the Grand Strand area, as well as being a convenient destination for those who live in the Pee Dee area and Grand Strand locals.

We have sponsorships to suit the budget of every business, whether you are a one man start-up company or a large enterprise, the Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex has a unique sponsorship opportunity just for you!
Put your advertisement in front of a captive audience, and diverse demographics to see the impact it can and will make on helping your business to grow along side ours.

There are also many opportunities for investors available at the Swamp Fox. If you are interested in investing, please let us know and we would be glad to discuss the oppurtunities available as well as the possibilities of the return on your investment. This is a great chance to get involved at the ground level and grow and succeed with us!

Please fill out the information form below, and be sure to tell us about your business. A Swamp Fox representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with your business!