About Us

The Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex is an outdoor amphitheater located on 250 acres of festival ready land in Marion, South Carolina. The Swamp Fox Entertainment is named after Francis Marion, who was nicknamed the Swamp Fox, for his military prowess through the swamps of the surrounding areas.

Steeped in rich southern history and traditions, The Swamp Fox offers guests many different facets of entertainment, from music festivals and bike rallies to great food and drinks at the Fox Hole Bar & Grill. The Fox Hole Bar & Grill is located on the concourse inside the amphitheater and is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday opening at 4pm. On days there are events requiring tickets for admission, a ticket must be purchased to dine at the FoxHole.

There are many plans for expansion at The Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex, including “The World’s Longest Bar”, regulation mud bog pits and dirt tracks, campgrounds and cabins, and so many more.

We invite you to come on down, bring all your friends and enjoy all that The Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex has to offer!